Morgan Forbes

Illustration BDes (Hons)

Turning primarily to digital art to show a blend of realism and textured style, Morgan’s work features a variety of story-making techniques.


photograph of girl holding up board with illustration of forest


These images show selected coursework completed throughout my fourth year as an Illustration student.

First, I included the majority of my semester one personal project — a book titled ‘Peeps’ illustrated in textured greyscale, following made-up creatures inspired by Icelandic history and mythology. I began working on this in my third year and developed the storyline and stylistic choices later on.

Second, there are some highlights from D&AD New Blood’s competition — I chose the ‘Penguin’ brief which was to solve the problem of integrating reading into pop culture, so I decided to make app mock-ups for a brand I called ‘Mentioned’.

Third, is my entry for the Penguin Cover Awards — I illustrated a nature-filled book spread for Dara McAnulty’s ‘Diary of a Young Naturalist’.

Fourth are a couple of snapshots from my second personal project, one of which is a pack of cards illustrating the world’s most powerful goddesses. After this is an editorial image featuring an article I wrote and illustrated for the online zine Antagonizine.

Fifth, there are a couple of my favourite images for Glasgow Women’s Library illustrating Jen Hadfield’s creepy poetry on pests and infestation.

Lastly, I included a personal image expanding on my ‘Peeps’ universe and a fun fantasy map to accompany the stories and worlds I like to write about in my free time. These particular works have all been created digitally, though I love the process of drawing in sketchbooks and sometimes painting for developments...

Personal project: Peeps book

Highlights for D&AD (Penguin)

Penguin Cover Awards

The cover of a book titled ‘Diary of a Young Naturalist’ by Dara McAnulty. A faceless boy dressed in shorts, two layered shirts and shoes lies on the grass, surrounded by flowers and various insects. In his right hand he holds a pencil next to a notebook. The title, author’s name and subtext fits around his body.

Diary of a Young Naturalist

Personal project: Goddesses Cards

This mock-up shows an imagined pack of cards; the turquoise box features a woman in robes reading a book, with a gold patterned background extending round to the sides. One cream-coloured card leans against the box featuring an illustration of the goddess Freya.

Freya’s Mock-up

An article on goddesses

An editorial image showing an article on famous goddesses. Text covers the right side in two columns and on the left is an image of Circe, standing next to two wine glasses, with one knocked over. She is dressed in a robe, has long black hair and holds a golden staff.

Written/Editorial Work

Glasgow Women’s Library 1

Light shines upon a salmon who spits out water from inside an underwear drawer. The other drawers are shut and beside it is a cardboard box. The colour scheme is muted with primarily browns, pinks and blues.

The Salmon in the Drawer

Glasgow Women’s Library 2

A salmon swims through water, facing right and surrounded by bubbles. A middle-aged brunette woman is shown cowering under a blanket from the middle of the salmon’s torso.

The Narrator in the Salmon

Peeps in Wasteland

A giant hairless creature with glowing orange eyes holds in one hand another smaller version of itself. The background is a dumping ground coloured with oranges and greys, with machines, wires and boxes.

An Expansion on the Peeps Universe

Fantasy Map

A fantasy map is drawn out. The Ocean is labelled underneath a compass in the centre of the image and on either side are landmasses with several made-up names. Greens, browns, greys and whites symbolise the type of terrain.

An Unnamed World

Please send me an email or DM me on Instagram if you are interested in buying any original pieces! As a content writer for Antagonizine, I recommend you have a look at their website and consider showing support by purchasing their physical zines when they are available, which typically feature original art, stories and poetry.