Laura Galloway

Animation BDes (Hons)

Specialising in 3D Character Modelling and 3D Rigging


I am a member of the Knitman team where, within ZBrush, I modelled Super Daddy; a side character in Knitman. I brought him into Maya, retopologizing him before creating the three almost identical rigs for the Super Squad members. These rigs are basic and have pre-set attributes and blend shapes for efficiency. This includes a foot roll, foot bank, etc on the foot control and smile, frown, etc. for the face. The Telekenisa rig has extra controls for her hair.

For personal projects, I have created a Frogman character within Zbrush using basic shapes and brush pre-sets before using fibers to create his hair and a cloth simulation to add clothing. I decided to simplify his model after bringing him into Maya and retepologizing him as lower poly model before creating the rig. The rig is more advanced than the super squad members and contains IK/FK switches for the arms and spine. There is also an IK set up for the biped legs so they move like that of a dog. His tail and very long tongue are also rigged. 

I also created a second model in ZBrush of a witch. I created the character using basic shapes and brush pre-sets within ZBrush before using polypaint to texture her. I took her into Maya to retopologize and create a low poly model before creating a basic rig. With the witch, I focused primarily on creating expressive facial controls using blend shapes and rigging clothing such as the tassels on her hoodie. 

Extra special thanks to Stephen Studyvin for all your support.

Laura Galloway 3D Character Models

Laura Galloway 3D Character Model Showreel 2022

Witch Model

Little girl wearing a green hood, blue denim jacket, red shorts and blue wellies. She has brown afro hair in two bunches and large green eyes.

Witch based on the concept art by Hong SoonSang from the Spiralling Witch Encyclopedia series.

Friendly Weird Old Frog Man Model

Grey anthropomorphic scaled frog like animal smiling with human teeth and large tusks. The frog has a large scaled tail which rests on the ground and has hair along its humped back and the sides of its face.

Friendly Weird Old Frog Man Character Model. Based on the concept art by Mercedes Thompson.

Super Daddy Model from Knitman

Grey muscular middle aged male super hero with cape.

Super squad member Super Daddy based on the concept art by Maria Robertson for Knitman.

Laura Galloway 3D Rigging

Super Squad Rigs for Knitman

Frogman Rig

Witch Rig