Lucy Gillespie

Animation BDes (Hons)

Background and Visual Development Artist


When I first applied to study at DJCAD, I imagined my future as an animator… who animates. However, a love for environment design snuck into my heart, and now I specialise in visual development and background art for 2D animation! I love that I get to take my work from concept to finalised background paintings, and I've even taken to compositing my created environments. And while none of these things included much of that traditional animating that I initially imagined I'd be doing, I'm very hopeful for the chance to continue making fictional worlds within these specialisms in the feature film and tv industries after graduating.

The most significant undertaking in my work this year was creating a short 2D animation about grief called 'I Remember You' alongside a small team of other students. I was responsible for a lot of the visual development and compositing for this film and was the sole background artist in my group. I was also busy this year directing two additional projects through preproduction, for which I've been working on developing the style and creating mock backgrounds for this year! The first is called 'The Clown,' which is about a depressed party clown who learns to embrace the silly in life. And the second is called 'There's a Ghost in Ma Hoose!' which is a call to action to rewild Scotland by bringing back wolves to the highlands. This project currently has a pitch bible in development, with the intent to carry this short through post-graduation!

'There's a Ghost in Ma Hoose!' Visual Development

Visual development featuring finished concepts, thumbnails and style exploration to develop the locations for 'There's a Ghost in Ma Hoose!' The short is about rewilding Scotland by bringing back wolves to the highlands and features a haunted house, a barren Scotland versus the ghost of Scotland's past and a rewilded Scotland. I have been directing a small team of classmates through this project's pre-production, two of which further developed my original character concepts into the finished character designs seen in the first image. Wolf design by Ellé Mcleod. Girl design by Tatyanna Archtander.

'The Clown' Layout Design and Background Paint

Layout design and background paint for a personal project about a depressed party clown whose journey is about learning to take himself less seriously and embracing the silly parts of life.

'The clowns' bedroom layout design
'The clowns' background leading to the door
'The clowns' background leading to the armchair
'The clowns' background birds eye view

'I Remember You' Background Art

A selection of my background paintings for the short film 'I Remember You.' Featuring a few of my backgrounds before compositing, as well as stills from the final project where I was responsible for their composites. Falling snow assets in the composited shots by Lauren McDonald.

	'I Remember You' Background as the main character journeys away from the city

Life Drawing

Examples of life drawing observational studies

After graduation, a small team of fellow graduates and I would love to see the 2D animated short 'There's a Ghost in Ma Hoose!' through to completion, so please don't hesitate to email me at if you wish to get involved or to support this project in any way!