Kirsty Meek

Graphic Design BDes (Hons)

Graphic Designer


I have created a publication in response to the 2022 ISTD brief ‘Lighthouses of the World’. The publication is typography focused and the layout of my publication follows the journey of the Eddystone Lighthouses over time. There have been four lighthouses that have existed on the Eddystone Rocks each built by extraordinary men and each fell with a remarkable story. The Eddystone Lighthouses act as a beacon of light, hope and protection against the dangerous sea. There is still light on the Eddystone rocks today which proves we still have a need for lighthouses.

I also designed a drinks brand focused on emotional wellbeing. I created the brand AMPM to guide us through the cycle of our day. In the mornings, we may need an extra boost of energy to take on the day therefore, I have created an iced coffee (AM coffee) to give people a caffeine boost in the morning and an iced tea (PM tea) to calm the mind in the evening to unwind from a busy day. The concept for this drinks brand is based on the time of day you drink each of the drinks to have a positive impact on your day. Therefore, this is where the name for the brand stemmed from - AMPM suggests time references when each of the drinks is best to consume.

ISTD - Eddystone Lighthouse

Cover page of my ISTD publication.

Drinks Branding - AMPM

Two cans with coffee spilling out of them and my logo for AMPM coffee.