Katriona Downie

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

Hi, I’m Katriona. My final collection ‘Entangled’ aims to provoke discussion and bring awareness to the current plastic pollution crisis.


Katriona Downie

As a designer, I am drawn to visually striking, editorial fashion and textiles, which challenge social norms and provoke discussions. I am conscious of my environmental impact and believe that fashion activism has the opportunity to be utilised as a tool to promote social change and bring awareness to key climate issues we are facing today. 

The world's plastic pollution crisis has become one of the pressing global environmental issues today. International action must be taken to slow down this climate disaster. This project aims to bring awareness to this issue, taking inspiration from found plastics, fishing nets and fishing harbours. I captured my imagery, focusing on vibrant colours, bold shapes and contrasting textures. 

Through development and drawing investigation I was able to explore these textures, using collage and a range of mixed media, which informed my experimental samples. I combined traditional knit forms and structures with vivid colours, plastics and found materials. I have manipulated my knitted samples by trapping materials, creating a tangled, layered quality, such like those found at fishing harbours. My final garment uses a contrast of weight and scale with draping, exaggerated sleeves, creating a dynamic and visually striking piece, evoking the idea that the model is being consumed. 

I have learnt to appreciate the world around us and the importance of preserving its natural beauty, something I hope to continue to seek out wherever that may be.


navy blue knitted sample with orange and pink cuff

Inspired Photography

Samples of knitted fabric being held by a hand

Final Samples

Collection of final samples on plinth

Final Garment

Thank you for viewing my page, if you are interested in discussing my work, please contact me on Instagram or email!