Katie Wood

Product Design BSc (Hons)

Exploration of Emotional Durable Design


portrait of Katie Wood

‘Today, user - product relationships are less marriage, more one-night stand’, states Jonathan Chapman in his book ‘Emotionally Durable Design’.

Our interactions with everyday objects have become a by-product of our fast-paced lifestyle, leading to a decrease in admiration and care for the products we own. In response to this Chapman’s book, my project explores the term ‘emotional durability’, by identifying 4 sub-categories. The four categories all work towards strengthening user-product relationships in the bid to decrease product consumption. The study explores these topics through the form of chair design.

Like Product, Like User

Exploring design that embodies the users’ lifestyle, values, or interests. Looking at how relationships can be formed and solidified through product form and product personality.

Fun in Functionality

Sparking joy in our daily interactions by allowing products to break free from the norm and expectations of them.

For You, I’ll Change

Celebrating changes in ourselves and our lives by mirroring this in a product’s ability to adapt depending on the user’s circumstances.

Getting Better With Age

Designing with product longevity in mind, enabling the product to improve, alter or gain with age.

Exploration of Emotionally Durable Design

Four chairs lined up against a white wall.