Joshua McCullough

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

"Forgive Me Father"- A collection of narrative textiles that visualise states of mind to evoke discussion around mental health.


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My project explores textiles as a form of visual communication. I used personal experience of a particular manic episode where I believed myself to be Jesus Christ and the contrasting numbness that tends to follow such experiences. I want to use this collection to share my story, to open discussion around mental health, particularly male mental health.

Within my work, using a bold and expressive narrative style, I layer symbolism that makes reference to the church and religious iconography, and visual metaphors. I have utilised and explored a range of textile processes to bring my story to life including; fabric dying and painting, machine stitch and quilting. My large fabric quilted panels communicate different states of mind as well as telling my personal story that encourages the viewer to engage with the pieces by offering a space for them to share their story. The collection hopes to evoke conversation, open dialogue and remove the taboo around discussing mental health conditions.

Forgive Me Father

Colourful abstract textile piece being held up by a man


Picture of man with paint on his face, blurry


Empty white fabric with some stitching details in grey and cream
faces and shapes painted onto canvas and the stitched on top of
heavily stitched faces and wine glasses

If you are interested in discussing my work or would like to purchase any pieces don’t hesitate to contact me via Instagram or email.