Joshua Coniah

Architecture MArch (Hons)

A study of Intergenerational Design as a medium to facilitate Ageing In Place within the boundaries of retrofitting an existing apartment block in Dundee


The aim of this project is to investigate the potential for a form of housing accommodation to meet the needs of various users as they go through the cycle of life - with their needs changing along with their circumstances. By allowing residents to retain their memories and communities over an extended period, it is hoped that their quality of life will be increased along a steady increasing line that nurtures their mental and emotional health.

The project fleshes out the benefits and necessities associated with all user types as they integrate, as it brings them together in the most efficient and synergetic way possible under a single block of universally designed apartments. In line with Macro Micro’s theme, this project explores deep retrofitting as way of upgrading energy performance, and spatial configurations to meet contemporary needs throughout the life cycle. This provides a considered strategy for revitalizing the existing housing stock in Dundee as opposed to building new housing to meet the requirements of modern living.

Site and strategy

Architectural drawings

Contextual photography

I have a range of interests and my personal work extends into photography, graphic design etc. My photography is occasionally posted on my LinkedIn for anybody interested in seeing more. I appreciate any support intentions and look forward to hearing from anybody interested in discussing further.