Iona McCall

Animation BDes (Hons)

Character designer and 2D animator.


Over the past two years I have been sharpening my skills as a traditional animator and creature/character designer. Working on the short film "Supermarket" has been the perfect opportunity to do so.

My work is strongly driven by my sense of humour and love for storytelling and is inspired by the likes of Disney, Pixar, Don Hertzfeldt, Sergio Pablos, and more.

Concept design
Bag designs for the character in previous image.
Rough sketches of young girl character.

This character design was created for my children’s show concept, “Planet Hoppers”. The show centres around seven-year-old Nova who travels through outer space with her scientist grandfather.

Frog character design.
Development for Frog character
Development for Frog character

Nova’s adventure companion comes in the form of a frog stolen from her grandfather’s science lab.

Gesture sheet for female character.

Supermarket Animation Reel