Caleb MacAlister

Animation BDes (Hons)

Caleb Macalister is an DJCAD Animation Graduate Specializing in 3D Character Art, 3D Environment Art and 3D Generalist


Being Inspired in my youth by games and films, I have always been intrigued by the worlds that exist within stories. from the distant planets in 'Star Wars' to the crevices of Middle-earth. I like to imagine what it would be like to exist in these worlds and how the characters have grown within their environment.

I decided to specialize in characters and environments as these are the elements that challenge my imagination. Challenges are exciting being such a broad field I can never find myself lost for things to do. Every rock, building, character, and plant has a story. You only have to look for a moment and you will find it or a new perspective you've never come across.

After my specialisms, I am mostly a 3D Generalist as I have found that being knowledgeable in all areas of the pipeline is beneficial as it allows for cohesive working and a better understanding of all the different roles and responsibilities of a team.

3D Prop and Environment Modelling

On Knitman, credit to Maria for extinguisher model.

Korra Turn Around

Korra Model from Character Modelling Brief, Concept by to BK Tseng, Maya, Zbrush, Marmoset

Korra Breakdowns

This is the topology and stills of the character model. Modelling and unwrapping by Caleb MacAlister.

Concept Art

Collection of concept art for Sickly Sweet, Reclaimed and Greek Myth brief. Photoshop and Sketchbook.

Bobblehead Turn Around

Bobblehead of My Self for the Character Modelling Brief - Sculpted in Zbrush 2020

3D Generalist Work

Oriental Study - Models provided, textured and lit by Caleb MacAlister. Victorian Bedroom - Modelled and lighting by Caleb MacAlister. Statue- Model provided, lighting by Caleb MacAlister. Made in 3ds Max.

Ice Monster Turn Around

This is our Main Baddie from our Short Film Knitman. Concept by Mahnoor Khan, Zbrush, Maya, Substance and Marmoset Toolbag. I was responsible for all the 3d Tasks

Ice Monster Renders

Still images from our 'Ice Monster' character.


Winning Animation from Dingle Stings!, in where I worked on the Environments.

I am generally active on my social media, Instagram and YouTube, where I post if I am open for commissions, and keep people updated on my work!