Heidi Korkala

Jewellery & Metal Design BDes (Hons)

Enamel jewellery inspired by Scottish landscapes.


heidi korkala

Coming from a small town north of the arctic circle in Norway, Heidi Korkala grew up surrounded by mountains and nature. Spending her childhood playing in the forest, she has always had a strong connection to nature. While studying in London she intensely felt the lack of natural landscapes. On moving to Scotland a few years later she instantly fell in love with the rugged Scottish landscape. Heidi particularly connected to the remote areas of Scotland such as the north coast and the islands. 

Being a keen enameller, Heidi uses colours to evoke emotion and through exploring the forms and shapes of the landscape, establishing a connection to a place. She creates wearable landscapes to remind her of places far away and each piece becomes a little world of memory and reminiscence. Her pieces are rich in texture, created by the layering of opaque and transparent enamel. When repeatedly fired, the enamel layers sink and rise resulting in organic texture and cells. Sometimes the results can be unpredictable which adds to the excitement of the process and makes each piece unique.

Sky & Sea Brooch

Semi circular landscape brooch with turquoise and purple enamel

Earth Brooch

Semi circular landscape brooch in green, purple, ochre and brown enamel

Dusk Brooch

Semi circular landscape brooch in turquoise, dark blue and dark green enamel

River Necklace

Semi circular landscape brooch with turquoise enamel

I will be continuing my journey with enamel and growing my skills so please follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with my work!