Giorgos Asvestas

Illustration BDes (Hons)

I like to create silly ol’ drawings. Usually depicting themes from the natural world around us, with occasional illustrations that give you a peek at the world inside my head.


Portrait of Giorgos Asvestas

My illustrations are mostly representational and are based on imagery that I find aesthetically pleasing/subject matters that I am particularly fond of at a given time. I prefer to work using limited colour pallets, which usually are black and white, with an additional accent colour. 

Depending on the brief, my work can take many forms. I do however prefer to work either with black and white, graphite pencils or using digital means.

Above all, I wish my work to be well-composed imagery, open to many interpretations, that you find pleasing to look at. 

The Fruit Bowl - Risograph Prints

This series of a3 risograph prints was a spontaneous project, brought about in order to commemorate the friendships and bonds I have acquired over the years at uni. The stickers are inspired by and based on some of my classmates, who have supported me and my work. With this project, I hope to have captured the sense of unity and belonging that this remarkable group of artists has given me.

The Treehouse - D&AD x Disney

A stylised illustration depicting a tree with three white tree houses in it; surrounded by fairy lights; garlands; bunting; and lanterns; as well as a tire swing hanging from one of the branches
A stylised illustration depicting a treehouse in the upper left corner, surrounded by visual development and studies of glowing paper lanterns, garlands and fairylights

Visual Development and Concept Art for a brief set by Disney for New Blood Competition. These visuals would be but the first half of a longer animation that would encourage children to imagine their own princess worlds and play. ‘The Treehouse’ would act as a set-up for those imaginary worlds, and would also promote courage, curiosity, and the spirit of adventure in children.

Penguin Book Cover Design Awards

A photograph of a book laying flat on its face, to display its front and back covers. The cover depicts natural elements in black and white scattered across, drawn with a graphite pencil. The illustrations depict an acorn branch; a frog; a tadpole; frogspawn; various bird eggs; dried up leaves; broken clay pots; pebbles; feathers; and a nest with an egg in its centre.

Book cover design for the Penguin Design Awards. The book is a diary that chronicles the ever-changing world through the eyes of Dara McAnulty. While simultaneously uncovering the hidden worlds within nature, that most people walk by without noticing.


A black and white graphite pencil drawing of a young man sitting on the edge of his bed in his room that is flooded with water. he is sitting in darkness illuminated by the door to the hallway behind him. Around him in the water are floating light orbs of various scales; a bedside lamp; a wooden chair. Reeds and waterlilies are growing out of the water. Three white birds are flying above the character; and another white bird is perched on the wooden chair that is floating in the water.

"In Golden Light my Sorrow Bathes” - An Illustration for our first brief of 4th year, where we were tasked to come up with a six-word memoir and then in turn illustrate it, using analogue mediums.

The Primate Parade

This collection of primate portraits was a personal project, in which I looked to explore the grandiosity of various monkeys and primates. By cropping the illustrations into just a portrait view, I hoped to have achieved a more personal and intimate connection between the subject matter and the viewer, putting the focus entirely on the beauty of these creatures.