Ellé McLeod

Animation BDes (Hons)

I'm a 2D animator and character designer who especially loves drawing creatures and animals.


My main project this year has been as an animator on the short 'I Remember You'. In addition to this, I've had multiple other projects going on, including two character design projects. One involved designing a ghostly wolf for a theoretical short about rewilding Scotland, which I greatly enjoyed as my strengths definitely lead me more towards quadrupeds. Another project involved redesigning the five Tracy brothers from the Thunderbirds franchise, which was definitely a passion project I decided on because I got invested in the show over the summer. These two projects gave me a range of portfolio pieces demonstrating different styles and allowed me to switch between the different projects depending on how I was feeling that day.

There's a Ghost in Ma Hoose

Thunderbirds Redesign Project

If you wish to support me you can commission me through Twitter (@kaichiiro) or my website! Following my Twitter and looking at my art online is enough support though, and if you wish to go the extra mile you can always spread the word and let others know if you like my art.