Georgia McLellan

Animation BDes (Hons)

Background artist and comics creator


Georgia McLellan is an animation graduate specialising in backgrounds and comic art.

Between 2020 and 2022, she was a background artist for the film ‘Bus, Stop!’ as well as creating the backgrounds for her own personal project ‘Café Slurp!’. She also worked on her debut graphic novel, ‘Margo & the Changeling’ which tells the story of a young cancer survivor coming to terms with her lost childhood.

Her work often fits into a cartoon style, with an emphasis on strong storytelling and bold colours.

A road serves to the left, as the sun sets over a pink ocean.

During the final two years of my degree, I worked as a background artist for the 'Bus, Stop!' graduate film

A road passes through a forest. To the right sits a large tree perched upon a rock.

Margo & the Changeling

A graphic novel about a young cancer survivor coming to terms with her lost childhood

The colourful interior of a cafe. A sign behind the counter reads 'Soup of the Day'. Various vegetables, bowls and plants sit around the place. Lanterns with love hearts on them line the walls.

As a personal project, I designed a soup café and created background designs for it.

A colourful kitchen background. On the wall there is a spice rack. The counters are full of vegetables and bread. A pile of dirty dishes sit in the corner. A door on the right has a sign which reads 'garden' on it.
A bright pink café building sits in a grey street. To the right the road goes down a steep decline. A blue sky can be seen. On the café window it reads 'Soup Café' and there is a large spoon under the sign.
A café sits on a snowy street. It is dark and night time outside but the café is warm and orange inside.

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