Ellé Laidlaw

Jewellery & Metal Design BDes (Hons)

A collection of unique fashion pieces that have a deep connection with female empowerment and vulnerability; through metal wire, leather and photography.


elle laidlaw

Ellé is astonished that still, in today's society there is judgement upon what woman should and shouldn't be wearing. Her work is about emphasising the vulnerable and empowering side of woman through fashion and photography. She creates body adornments inspired by lingerie focusing on areas of the body which are highly sexualised in today's modern world. She challenges the sexualisation of the female body as she contradicts 'underwear' by styling her bras as outerwear. She takes silhouettes from women wearing 'masculine' items of clothing that are oversized and cover their skin, manipulating the silhouettes into geometric shapes and creating jewellery and body adornments from these. She experiments with scale in her work and often overlaps her shapes giving a manic mayhem feel to it, hence the name of her collection. She sticks to using more monochromatic colours such as greys, black, white and silver. Laidlaw uses leather straps throughout her collection to give that dominant powerful feel to them.