Eleanor Butler

Jewellery & Metal Design BDes (Hons)

Utilising metal and photography as a means to reconnect society after the mentally straining COVID lockdowns.


Black and white portrait of Eleanor Butler

We all know the universal phrase: fine. As an adverb, the word can imply an array of meanings. Eleanor cast back to the memorable 2020 lockdown for inspiration to begin this project. As all physical touch was outlawed and our homes were the only place we knew, communication became weak and the feeling of being alone and isolated grew. With thorough research, Eleanor carefully considered the emotional state of the nation during the unprecedented times, the objective of her pieces is to start a conversation. 

Eleanor has explored feelings of both vulnerability and excitement as we break away from COVID restrictions and begin to reconnect with one another. Through the use of a mix of metals and unexpected found materials, she foreshadows the feeling of lonely despair through the use of clear-cut words while fusing joyful and celebratory elements together. 

In the exploration of the subject, Eleanor has ventured away from the jewellery workshop and gained experience in TIG welding. Challenging the boundaries of sheet copper with compressed air, she discovers the limitations of the found eclectic style. The final outcome conveys the feeling of comfort, providing physical ease, imitating a pillow or hot water bottle as we begin to reconnect with one another again.

Squeezed Brooches

The copper handheld pillows portray the extreme emotions and vulnerability we felt as a nation while experiencing the reality of lockdown. The imagery reflects different experiences meanwhile each copper piece resembles the comfort and stability of our homes.


These two images depict humanity reconnecting after many months spent locked inside. The colourful metallic balloons represent the celebration and excitement.


The word Fine has evolved from thorough COVID-19 lockdown research. The short and sharp word emphasises how most people communicated how they endured their time during the lockdown, while the imagery conveys how most of our days were spent.