Daniella Levins

Product Design BSc (Hons)

RIG is a mast mounted emergency kit designed for sailing boats; it is recognised to aid accessibility in critical on-water conditions.


The majority of sailing incidents occur due to lack of preparation. This combination is composed of insufficient knowledge in emergency response, absence of resources, and time wasted navigation. Evidence suggests that by simply making a foil blanket and ice pack more accessible to a sailor going through hypothermia or impact, can prevent 44% of non-fatal emergencies in the space of a year. RIG is a product-service concept designed to solve all the issues above, by streamlining safety practices for inexperienced sailors it incentivises safety to become an essential part of their ‘on-water’ routine.

The initiative consists of an attachable kit that is mounted onto the mast of a dinghy, between the kicker and boom. The compact design uses minimal space, whilst enclosing the fundamental tools to support a range of common on-the-water emergencies. 

The kit itself is crafted with a unique, immediate release mechanism. The unfastening of a single buckle causes the exterior material to spring open, instantly revealing the internal components to the user in need. The core elements have been expertly considered, colour-coordinated, and formulated with the sailor in mind. It is of upmost importance that the navigation system be straightforward, made to deliver a stress reducing experience.

A person wearing a bright red jacket holding the emergency kit - RIG. The kit is open and is displaying the internal components, you can see in the background you can see the beach and a sailing boat.
A person placing a big yellow box onto the top of a sailing boat. In the background you can see the emergency kit mounted onto the mast
A close up of RIG, you can see the vivid red and yellow colours of the fabric alongside with all the external instructions it is mounted on the mast of a boat, in the background you can see a boat park.
A close up of RIG opened exposing all the internal components, in the background you can see the and parts of the boat it is attached to sea

RIG - Mast Mounted Emergency Ki

Emergency kit in context