Marianna Olivia Lordou

Product Design BSc (Hons)

Lightly provides an alternative to handholding heavy bags. One way wear multiple bags on their upper body in a hands-free manner, like a backpack or cross body.


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80% of the population experiences lower back pain at some point in their life, which is related to incorrect weight transference and sustained loading. Unfortunately, the student lifestyle demands an excessive amount of load handling over prolonged periods of time, including and not limited to grocery shopping and moving accommodation. The adaptable strap aims to make the inconveniently hand-held loads to be worn in a hands-free manner, like a backpack or across the body.

Based on research on biomechanics and physics, the heavy loads are safely transferred to the load-bearing upper body to feel lighter, prevent lower back pain, and encourage a straight posture. In addition to maintaining one’s physical wellbeing, the strap enhances the number of loads one may carry at once, which allows for load-bearing tasks to be performed efficiently. For example, a two-person job can now become a one-person job, providing independence and self-reliance. In other situations, students can buy in bulk and shop less frequently without being confined by their own physical ability of carrying hand-held loads over prolonged periods of time.

Overall, the strap has potential beyond the student market. For instance, given its benefits for people with lower back pain, variations of such product can be refined for applications in occupational therapy. As a brand, ‘Lightly’ aims to make life as easy as possible, to as many people as possible.


The leverage-utilizing strap allows one to wear multiple shopping bags like a backpack

A leverage-utilizing strap allows one to wear bags like a backpack.

Designer is walking with LIDL in the background, wearing the strap as a backpack.

Strap is worn like a backpack, or across the body.

Day-to-day use of the leverage-utilizing strap

Video demonstration of day-to-day use of the strap.

Designer wears strap across the body
Illustration of both styles


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