Branwyn Lavan

Fine Art BA (Hons)

An intimate coming out journey of my repressive struggles and self-exploration of identifying as a femme nonbinary person through dreamscapes and desires.


As mentioned my work is a sensitive exploration about my inner turmoil struggle with identity and the current self journey of identifying as a femme representing nonbinary person. Here I portray the relationship between mental illness and the everyday obstacles I've had of discovering my true identity as well as the complexities and limitations involved in holding it all together and finally embracing it rather than just repressively and permanently dreaming about it. Here I portray intimate details of my fragile and often contradictory array of emotions, slow modifications of appearance (dysmorphia and dysphoria), expressions of gender through dress, speech and mannerisms, and the human condition acting as an essential framework. With insight, coupled with my knowledge and research into the complex nature of mental health and identity politics, I create an honest and embracing narrative through a fantastical and theatrical internal environment coupled with surreal paintings, photography and video performances.

Overview of Installation

Studio Installation of all work
Darkroom Installation with monitors and projector
Self portrait

Within Clouds


I'd really appreciate it if you could support my social media platforms. I am also selling original work online and taking on commissions. Contact me for any enquiries! Thank you!