Beth Fuller

Illustration BDes (Hons)

I create delicate digital illustrations that capture imagined worlds and the intricacy of nature.


photograph of Beth Fuller

The impetus behind my work is my fascination with contrasting the otherworldly and the mundane. Daily life being thrown out of rhythm by the appearance of the impossible; normal people thrust into the unknown. Medieval knights on the Tube settle into my portfolio, nestling among businessmen lost in mystical forests and lamp-sellers stalking empty roads. Signs warn you away from steep desert valleys and hooded figures watch from twilit ruins. The morning commute to work seems tedious until one day you blink and glimpse the uncanny.

My work is filtered through the lens of my own experiences - the cliffs on the Irish coast where I spent summers as a child recur. So do my dreams, the books I read, the things I talk about with friends. If I didn’t have to earn money I would still create the exact same work - each drawing is an expression of the ideas that bubble up in the course of passing days. 

Sometimes people say my art reminds them of a dream they had, or of a half-remembered conversation. Whether I work in publishing, or perhaps in the animation or games industries, I want to continue doing that: using the shared day-to-day repetition of our lives as a bridge to something ethereal.

In the Ruins

A digital illustration in mostly pink and green, showing a hooded figure sitting in overgrown ruins.

Landscape concept artwork inspired by the west coast of Ireland.

Conceptual/personal work

Speculative worlds and scenes - concept drawings for my comic project.

The Lantern-Seller

On a quiet road lined by grass and fields, a young woman stands facing the viewer, carrying a dozen brightly coloured lamps. Digital illustration.

Comic concept drawing - a mysterious wandering lamp merchant.

Goodbye 2020

In this digital drawing a woman sets fire to a car in a snowy landscape. She holds a fire extinguisher as the smoke and flames rise high above her.

Personal work made in early 2021.

Forest Fire

A drawing showing a hooded figure sitting in a forest, stirring a heating saucepan of soup. Behind him, the forest is ablaze in shades of red and orange.

The same travelling character as before makes another appearance - comic concept art.


Comic work and illustrations for school projects.

Midnight Meeting

A woman and child sit in front of an ornate, pale-green window. The woman applies turmeric to the child's wounds. Digital illustration coloured in brown, red and green.

Personal work.

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