Anna Montgomery

Graphic Design BDes (Hons)

Graphic Designer


During my final year at DJCAD I have explored how visual communication can be used to find innovative and inspiring solutions to a problem. I have pushed myself to explore different areas within Graphic Design and have completed three main projects – a short animation for RSA Student Awards, a publication for ISTD and a drinks brand for the HATCH brief for Brand Opus. I’m really drawn to projects which offer solutions that will have a positive impact on the audience—whether that is through its environmental impact or how it might encourage people to make changes to build a better future.


An animation for the moving image brief of the RSA Student Design Awards exploring human connection through the marks we leave on the world. The animation shows how interconnected our lives are and how it is essential that we build relationships to build a better future. The pandemic showed us just how profoundly interconnected we are. As individuals and communities, our welfare depends on one another. But to face new challenges we need to learn to work together and overcome some deep existing divides. The film is animated to audio by US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy about the importance of relationship-building.

Storyboard for TOGETHERHOOD animation
Building with coloured lines making up a structure. The lines are made by the characters.
Walk cycles of characters in video


Three stacked cans with the caption "Building connections with Gumption"

Gum arabic is one of Sudan’s biggest exports—and a commodity which farmers are often not fairly compensated for. It is the most popular natural emulsifier known globally, due to its diverse application. Gumption is a tea soft drinks brand specialising in iced teas, natural energy drinks and kombuchas. Their main goal is to get the conversation started about the sourcing of gum arabic and to ensure that farmers are fairly compensated for their work. Through working directly with the farms, Gumption can give back right to the source. In addition, for every pack sold they plant a gum arabic.

Invisible Structures—ISTD

Front cover of ISTD publication

Invisible Structures is a response to the ISTD brief — ‘Shaping The World’. The publication explores the history of geometry through examining the impact of Euclid’s Elements of Geometry on the world. Spanning from 300 BC, when the Elements were first published, to present day applications, the book explores how these invisible structures have shaped the world around us.