Anna Larsen Moldenaes

Architecture MArch (Hons)

In a world of continuous transition, the greatest challenge is adaptability. The proposal aims at creating a venue that nurtures and promotes art.


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Thinking of the future, today the notion of the space of the “exhibition” in a matter of the physical gallery, has a certain aura of nostalgia about it, rather than being the place where the latest ideas are shared. The digital has thus given new superior, ritual values, rather than art to be “rarefied.” The Museum of Crypto Art offers a new democratic openness. It is thus true that visual imagery plays a primary role in the commerce of contemporary cities, being consumed through images of lifestyles, self-image, self-improvement, and glamour, which is ever more apparent in museums. Reclaiming the auras of the original reproduction. The proposition is a response to everything that is uncovered. By the reconsideration of the envelope - from space binder into a set of layers with varying degrees of interpolated public engagement, the “dress” becomes the space containing the horizontal layers, with a very intimate spatial condition, different than from the space surrounding it. With the demarcation of inside and outside; the facades mark no real threshold, and the public is immersed in the entanglement of screens. It is using architectural design as a form of political thinking, exploring the public space, the political context of cities and its architecture.


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