Amy Peoples

Jewellery & Metal Design BDes (Hons)

Jewellery focused on creating physical connections using natural materials from places of personal significance to catalyse visualisation based mindfulness.


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People in the Clouds is an aspiring jewellery brand centred around designing bespoke jewellery to improve the wearer’s mental health. Instead of mass-producing items as a ‘one size fits all’ basis, their work is created with each person’s specific happy place in mind. Allowing the wearer to hold a physical connection to said place with them in a subtle, private way – enhancing holistic practices such as mindfulness no matter where they are. 

The main focus of this collection is to create immersive jewellery that embodies the ethereal nature of place. By using sand in two innovative ways; fusing sand to the surface to enhance their grainy feel on skin; and by transforming the sand into smooth stones, the wearer is taken back to the beach by engaging with a sensory experience using pressure points and visualisation based mindfulness. Having an esoteric connection to the wearer allows for a subtle way to carry a sense of peace and sanctuary with them in day to day life. Aiming to create conceptual jewellery that combines traditional and modern, ethical techniques to bring together a harmony of spiritual beauty.

Wearing Your Sanctuary

Silver ring and wrist cuff with shibuichi and sand details

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I am hoping to continue working with natural materials from places of emotional connection to the wearer by creating bespoke commissions designed entirely around individuals, to help them enhance traditional methods of improving mental health in daily life.

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