Amy Clelland

Jewellery & Metal Design BDes (Hons)

“Polished Thievery”, a collection of bottle stoppers inspired by the mysterious and mischievous Magpie.


Portrait of Amy Clelland

Amy is a designer interested in combining her own belief in superstition with her enthusiastic love of research and zoology, providing a curious story behind the work she creates. Reflecting on this interest, Amy has chosen to create metal and cork bottle toppers inspired by both her personal connection to superstition and the charming characteristics of the magpie. 

Her interest in creating decorative stoppers stemmed from her shared ‘clepto’ nature she has with the magpie, primarily her hobby in collecting unique bottles and glass wear. Through Amy’s playful and vivid illustrative design style inspired by the mysterious magpie’s appearance and character, she has created shiny and enticing metal forms paired together with carved cork. Producing functional toppers suitable to fit a variety of bottles ones collection might hold.

Through Amy’s work she aims to inspire curiosity and represent the whimsical personalities of fascinating creatures that are often overlooked.

High shine copper form wrapping around long carved cork piece.
High shine copper form wrapping around long carved cork piece.
Two-Part aluminium piece mimicking the barbules of a feather.
Cast bronze form riveted onto carved cork, featuring a faux leather bottle neck tie.