Miriam Seddon

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Muddy things


a young woman wearing a face mask

I made you a pot.

You put it on a plinth.

The plinth made it into a vessel.

We are formed by all our experiences. Like each piece of clay formed by each finger print. impossible to remove any one part from the other. Constantly being squished and re-squished. By each new experience we have and each person we meet.

I like poking fun at rules and systems of display. I use them, or the absence of them, to acknowledge how peculiar they are. Creating my own systems of display using materials used throughout the making. Drawing funny correlations between function and pointlessness.

I look at my work as modular. Constantly being arranged and re-arranged, squished and re-squished. As a by product the lines between process and ‘resolved’ become wiggly and undefinable. Rejecting the idea that display is reserved for the finished.

an installation space with wooden ramps, shelving, and pottery, and a large window at the back

Overview of degree show

The Artist

a wooden plinth with pots on it, and three artworks in frames in the background: a blue blob, a pink blob, and a green blob.

Details of ceramics

A flag blows

a picture frame with a green blob beneath the glass

Pastel drawing in a frame with a ceramic wine glass

a pot sitting on plastic sheeting on the floor
wooden shelving with some ceramic pieces sitting on it

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