Graduate Apprenticeship in IT Management for Business

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Our BSc (Hons) IT Management for Business with Industrial Experience Graduate Apprenticeship is designed to produce graduates with:

  • a broad background of business operations, procedures and culture applicable to IT
  • sufficient technical knowledge to play a key role in an IT environment
  • interpersonal skills enabling excellent communication with employees in non-IT related areas of an organisation
  • a set of operational problem-solving and modelling skills
  • business knowledge to play a management role in an IT project
  • project delivery experience in a business oriented environment
“The IT Management for Business course is really interesting and covers a broad spectrum of IT topics. I’m really enjoying it and believe it will benefit me both personally and professionally.”

Craig Hawkins, IT Management for Business Graduate Apprentice

University-based learning

Teaching will take place one day a week in the University over 42 weeks a year. This will allow a two week break at both Christmas and Easter and a six week break in the summer.

Work-based learning

Graduate Apprenticeships at the University of Dundee are project-based degrees. We will engage with employers to find projects that apprentices can undertake as part of their employment and apply the skills and knowledge acquired through their study.


  • The Graduate Apprentice must be a resident in Scotland at the start of the programme.
  • Their usual place of work must be in Scotland.
  • They should not already have a qualification at the same level in the same subject.
  • They should also meet the University’s entry requirements.
“Coming to university was a little daunting initially because it was out of my comfort zone but the Graduate Apprenticeship has been a brilliant experience and very beneficial. The staff are really friendly and supportive and as well as learning new skills and knowledge, it’s enhanced my existing ones”

Jenna Watson, IT Management for Business Graduate Apprentice

Learning outcomes

Regular workshops with programme partners will review content in line with both employer and apprentice needs.

Year 1

  • Business Strategy and Management
  • Information Systems Management
  • Information Systems
  • Software Development and Programming
  • Professional Attributes

Year 2

  • Business Functions, Behaviours, Ethics, and Courtesies
  • Business Finance and Accounting
  • Information Systems
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Software Development and Programming
  • Computer and Network Infrastructure

Year 3

  • Information Security
  • Data
  • Information Systems Operations and Change
  • Agile Project Delivery
  • Communications
  • Personal Attributes
  • Team Working

Year 4 – Honours Project Year

  • Bidding and Business Development
  • Project Management Methodologies
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Risk Assessment and Management

Entry requirements

Candidates should have one of:

  • a Modern Apprenticeship in a relevant area and two science or engineering subjects at Higher level (computing science is recommended)
  • a Foundation Apprenticeship in a relevant area and two science or engineering subjects at Higher level (computing science is recommended)
  • BBBC at Higher level including two science or engineering subjects (computing science is recommended) or equivalent

If you have candidates who you would be interested in sending on this Graduate Apprenticeship, but do not have any formal qualifications they can:

We will work closely with you on the admission process. For example, if you are hiring a new employee as a Graduate Apprentice, we will happily discuss their qualifications prior to you hiring them so that we can check they are eligible to apply.