Financial Accounting team is responsible for:

       Divestment from fossil fuels:

     Endowment Investments Valuation Reports:


Preparation of four year plans

Annually, at the end of June, the Funding Council requires the University to prepare, agree and submit a strategic plan for the forthcoming four years. The documents prepared include a Strategic Plan, with detailed financial implications of the plan together with an Estates Management Action Plan (EMAP). The detailed figures and commentary are approved by Court and form the basis for planning and strategic decision making for the following years. The detailed figures and financial commentary is prepared by the Director of Finance.

Preparation of strategic level management accounts

Management Accounts for analysis and comment at a strategic level, are prepared monthly and form the basis for the reporting of financial performance during the year to meetings of the Finance Committee. The reports prepared comprise of: Income and Expenditure, Capital Expenditure, Cashflow and Balance Sheet.

Business planning for project applications

The Finance Office provides advice and assistance in the preparation of business plans, particularly where these plans are required in support of funding applications. Peter Fotheringham, Deputy Director of Finance, has a model business plan spreadsheet which may be useful in developing business plan documentation. This incorporates income and expenditure impacts, balance sheet and cash flow.

For more information on this subject and assistance in completing business plan elements of funding bids, please contact the Director of Finance.