Chimera: Image making with 16mm film (Part One)

Thursday 3 November 2022

A 16mm camera workshop facilitated by Alex Hetherington & George Finlay Ramsay

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Thursday 3 November 2022, 18:00 - 20:30
Crawford Building

University of Dundee
Perth Road

Crawford Building
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Thinking through the lenses of Rosalind Nashashibi and Lucy Skaer’s individual practices in film, installation, painting and sculpture as well their collaborative films explored in the Chimera exhibition at Cooper Gallery, this practical 16mm camera workshop and a follow-up reading group offer an expansive, reflective introduction to 16mm film through a series of practical and theoretical exercises.

Facilitated by filmmakers Alex Hetherington and George Finlay Ramsay, the workshop will connect film to ideas of care, experimentation, contingency and collaboration.

The workshop will use Bolex and Canon Scoopic cameras, different lenses and film stock to guide participants through the essentials of film before undertaking an explorative and collaborative film shoot. It will most benefit early career practitioners interested in analogue film and students in moving image, film and photography. 

Information and sign-up details for the second workshop: Chimera: Image making with 16mm film (Part Two)

Participant Information

This is the first of two free workshops. The second workshop will screen the 16mm film rushes produced in this first workshop. This is a limited capacity workshop for 12 people.
It is not essential to attend both workshops.


16mm cameras and film will be provided.
Participants will be invited to bring to the workshop an object of value or identify a place or space around Cooper Gallery to record or think of a person they would like to film.

The object/place/person identified will allow the workshop group to collectively assemble a shot list to draft the film produced during the session. 


To sign-up please send a short note of interest to exhibitions@dundee.ac.uk by Thursday 13 October, 5pm.

Please let us know why you are interested in taking part in this session. 
This could be as text, video or voice note. (Maximum 100 words).

This free workshop is open to members of the public, students and staff with any level of experience of digital or analogue film; whether you have used 16mm film before or whether this will be your first time.

Please let us know if you are a part of University of Dundee within your note of interest.

Due to the high cost of purchasing and processing 16mm film the workshop has a limited capacity of 12 people.

Facilitators' biographies

Alex Hetherington is a visual artist who works with 16mm film, he also acts as a director of photography or film technician on other artists’ film projects, with recent productions including works by George Finlay Ramsay, Rachel McBrinn, Tako Taal, Wendy Kirkup, Shona Macnaughton and Hannan Jones. Recent films include: Women’s Studies, Idle Work and The experience of the unseen listener, all 2022, made with artist Catherine Street, presented at Seen and Not Seen, CCA, Glasgow, June to July 2022; Stereo Rushes (Silent), 2019-2022  at Words for Appropriation & Dedication, CCA, Glasgow June 2022; and HOUSE, 2019-2020 at Camden Art Centre, London, August 2022. He is currently researching a new 16mm film for CCA Annex with contributions from Luke Fowler and Catherine Street, December 2022. He has a background in film programming, curating and critical writing with recent texts on Savinder Bual for PEER, London and Karen Cunningham for Collective, Edinburgh.

George Finlay Ramsay (b. 1988, Dundee, Scotland) is an artist working with poetry, ritual and analogue filmmaking. In 2017 and 2018 he burned hundreds of people's regrets inside volcanoes across Eurasia. His fake epic poem Raven's Reprise (2020) tells of a trickster raven traveling through the pandemic and remaking the world to her better designs. His film CASTOROCENE (2021) sees beavers re-build the world after humans have destroyed it. His most recent work Family Fugue (2022) is about how we are haunted by, and in turn haunt our ancestors. He is currently making plans to have his body thrown into a volcano after he dies.

His work has been presented at Camden Art Centre (UK), Baltic Triennial (LT), Fieldnotes Journal (UK), SEA Foundation (NL), BFI (UK), LUX Scotland (SC), Mubi.com, NTS Radio, Matadero (SP), L’Orto Botanico di Roma (IT), Rupert (LT) and BBC Late Junction Festival (UK).



The gallery is on two floors. First floor has ramped access and disabled toilet.

Second floor is accessible via lift and for wheelchair access via a stairclimber. The workshops will take place on the second floor of the gallery.

Please email in advance if you require lift or stairclimber access so we can arrange support.

Large print versions of the exhibition information handout are available, please ask our Guides.

For all access enquiries please contact: exhibitions@dundee.ac.uk

Image credit

George Finlay Ramsay, Family Fugue, 2022 (colour and black & white, sound, 16mm film)


This workshop accompanies Chimera an exhibition by Nashashibi/Skaer at Cooper Gallery until 10 December.


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