Early recognition of a dispute developing

Guidance on how identify that a disagreement is likely to take place.

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Individual self-diagnosis

  • Self checklist – are you feeling stressed about working with someone else? Are you feeling you’re not operating as you used to when they are around?  Do you worry about being in the same room or meetings as them?
  • If you think there might be an issue in your relationship with someone else, you’re probably right. Early detection and action will help prevent the situation developing further.

Identifying and supporting others who may need help


  • Receiving lengthy emails of complaints about another person.
  • Receiving messages asking for another person to be spoken to.
  • Noting unexpected changes in performance or quality of work.
  • Noting unusual behaviours such as withdrawal from groups.

How do you respond to the signals?

  • Ensuring the person knows they’re not alone and there is confidential help and support available.
  • Seeking advice from EDR on best ways to support the person.
  • In confidence, suggest they engage directly with EDR team.