Staff research degree fee waivers policy

Updated on 8 June 2020

If you are a member of a staff, you may be able to apply for a Research Degree Fee Waiver.

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  1. Research Degree Fee Waivers for staff members apply to the following University of Dundee doctoral programmes:

    • PhD
    • PhD by publication
    • Professional/Clinical Doctorates

    and the following research degrees:

    • Master of Philosophy by Research (MPhil)
    • Master of Laws by Research (LLM)
    • Master of Science by Research (MSc)
    • Master of Dental Science by Research (MDSc)
  2. All candidates receiving a fee waiver are entitled to be matriculated as part-time research students only, and are therefore not entitled to certification for Council Tax reduction.

  3. All permanent members of academic, academic-related, and technical staff on University of Dundee contracts (full or part-time) are entitled to be considered for a Research Degree Fee Waiver. 

  1. Honorary members of staff are not normally entitled to apply for Fee Waivers, though exceptions can be made for PhD by publication. 

  1. The value of each Fee Waiver will cover tuition Fees only. 

  1. All candidates who receive a Fee Waiver will be required to pay a presentation fee on submission of a thesis. 

  1. Candidates who cease to be members of staff of the University are required to pay full tuition fees from the date at which the contract with the University ceases. A presentation fee is not payable by any such candidate, if, at the time of submission, at least one annual instalment of full tuition fees has been paid.

  1. The minimum period of registration for the relevant degree for students in receipt a Fee Waiver may be reduced as necessary by the relevant School Board, in line with the general rules applicable to all degree candidates. 

  1. All candidates will be subject to the rules and regulations of the research programme on which they are enrolled, including regulations regarding performance and progression.  

  1. As part of the yearly planning process, each School should agree the number of Staff Research Degree Fee Waivers they will support based on the following criteria: 

    •  the strategic needs of the School; 

    • the ability of the School to absorb the loss of tuition fee income. 

  1. Working with the VP Research and VP (Provost) each School shall determine its own open and transparent procedure for the award of Staff Research Degree Fee Waiver, but each School will typically involve consideration of the following criteria: 

    • individual staff development needs as identified in the relevant Objective Setting and Review procedures; 

    • the academic background of each candidate and the nature of the proposed research; 

    • the research environment of the academic department and the availability of suitable supervision as outlined in the Code of Practice; 

    • the strategic fit between the individual’s proposed research area and the School/University’s research. 

    • the cost implications of the proposed research and supervision. 

  1. Individual schools may choose to prioritise particular doctoral routes in line with strategic and/or financial requirements  

  2. Notes: 

(13.1) These rules do not apply to members of staff in any category undertaking taught postgraduate degrees. 

(13.2) These regulations apply to all new students registering from 1 August 2018; the status and conditions of students first registered before this date and enjoying fee waivers is unaffected. 


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