Staff employed under a Certificate of Sponsorship

Updated on 5 February 2021

Under certain conditions a staff member who is employed under a Certificate of Sponsorship must report to UKVI.

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If you have a member of staff who is employed under a Certificate of Sponsorship, under the terms of its licence from UKVI the University must report to UKVI if:

  • the member of staff does not turn up for their first day of work
  • the member of staff is absent from work for more than ten working days, without the University's reasonably granted permission
  • the employment ends (due to resignation or dismissal or the termination of registration required to work in the UK with a governing body)
  • sponsorship ceases for any other reason (for example, the member of staff switches into an immigration route that does not require a sponsor)
  • there are any significant changes to the employment circumstances, for example, a change of job or salary (but not job title or annual pay rise) or a change in the location of work
  • the University has information which suggests the member of staff is breaching the conditions of their leave.
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