Reasonable adjustments or phased return

Updated on 20 October 2020

Information on the types of adjustments that can be made for staff to suit their capability on returning to work after absence.

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A staff member "may be fit to return to work" after their role is reviewed and modified with reasonable adjustments to suit their current capability. Or if they are encouraged by the medical profession to build their return to work gradually over a period of time.

Examples can include:

  • reduced working hours
  • restricted or adapted duties
  • additional support

For further information please refer to the how to manage a phased return guidance below.

Formal resolutions

Managers will require to take guidance from Occupational Health (OH) and in some cases the People team during a period of long-term absence. Consideration of potential resolutions to allow, where possible, a return to work will be completed on a case-by-case basis.

Managers who require guidance from OH should fully complete and forward the OH management referral form to

For further information please refer to the guidance on managing absence.


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