Laptop Loan Scheme Terms and Conditions

Updated on 19 July 2021

Outlines the university's long and short term loan of university equipment to students

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The Laptop Loan Scheme is in place to offer the long term and short term loan of University equipment to students to enable them to study online, where they may be unable to access this equipment otherwise due to financial hardship, digital exclusion, or other extenuating circumstances.  


    • Eligibility will be assessed, and equipment will be provided once students have registered on their course for the Academic year. Online registration must be complete before equipment loan can be issued.
    • Eligibility will be assessed by the Student Funding team and additional evidence may be sought from the student to confirm their circumstances.
    • Eligible applicants will be passed to the University IT team who will allocate an appropriate loan equipment.
    • Eligible applicants who take custody of an equipment understand that if the equipment is lost, stolen or damaged whilst in their care, they may be liable to pay repair/replacement costs up to £200. (The University of Dundee recommends that students add the equipment to their home insurance if possible to cover for any loss or damage. It may be possible for this to be covered by parental home insurance – please take guidance from the appropriate insurance company)
    • Students will be required to acknowledge these Terms & Conditions before the issuing of any IT equipment.
    • Students who are unable to access adequate internet access can apply for additional support through the University Financial Assistance Application and will be referred to this application by the Student Funding team.

    Application process

    • Applicants will need to complete the online application in order to be considered, which will be available in MyDundee page. Short loan requests (a requirement of less than one term) should be requested via Help4U.dundee.ac.uk.
    • There is a limited budget for the supply of equipment, so eligibility does not guarantee that students will receive an equipment although every effort will be made to support students in some capacity.
    • Applications will remain open until available equipment have been exhausted.
    • At the time of an equipment being provided to you, the University will add £200 to your student account and you authorise the University to take payment from you for any loss or damage of the equipment.
    • If an equipment is returned in satisfactory condition then this deposit will be cleared from the account balance.

    Scheme details

    • Eligible students will be provided with an email confirmation which will enable them to receive a University loan equipment from IT dedicated collection location.
    • The specification of the loan equipment provided will be a standard University specification and determined to be appropriate for the large majority of student needs. Remote desktop solutions will enable students to harness additional computing resources.
    • The student may keep the loaned equipment for the duration of their studies and will be expected to return this to the University on withdrawal or completion of their course, or where the loan is otherwise no longer required(whichever comes first).
    • The loaned equipment will remain the property of the University at all times.

    Operational Terms and Conditions

    • Loans will be made to successful eligible students on eligible courses, subject to the availability of limited awards.
    • Loans are subject to applicants registering on their course.
    • Students who defer their place after eligibility is confirmed will not be issued with an equipment until they return to their studies and register for their course.
    • Successful applicants will be required to ‘fully register’ onto their course to remain eligible for the loaned equipment. This entails completing the online registration form and providing original evidence of their personal identity within the first week of the start date of the course and paying the residual balance of any fees. Failure to complete registration will result in the equipment being recalled.
    • Students who suspend their studies will be expected to return their loan equipment as per the returns process. The option to reapply will be provided when the student returns to their studies should they still require the equipment.   
    • Students who withdraw or are excluded from their studies will be expected to return their equipment immediately via the returns' procedure.
    • Recipients will only be eligible for the loan once during the duration of their course.
    • Recipients will be expected to adequately insure their loaned equipment against loss, damage and theft.
    • Recipients who lose or damage their equipment may become ineligible for the scheme and may not be able to receive a replacement.
    • The equipment is for academic purposes only. It is not to be loaned to any third party or family member.
    • The University’s decision on the allocation of the equipment in accordance with these terms and conditions is final. There is no appeals process.
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