Adoption Checklist for Managers

Updated on 1 June 2020

Provides a checklist for Managers to support a staff member adopting a child

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On notification of adoption leave

  • Check the member of staff has notified HR of their adoption leave as soon as reasonably practicable.

Before the adoption

  • Allow time off for adoption appointments.
  • Ensure the staff member submits their adoption placement paperwork and a completed adoption leave form, no later than 28 days before the expected date of placement, if possible. Discuss adoption leave and return dates.
  • Discuss shared Parental Leave if this is being considered
  • Undertake the staff member’s OSaR as normal at the appropriate point in the OSaR year cycle (unless this falls during the adoption leave).

Planning for adoption leave

  • Plan and organise adoption leave cover.
  • Agree contact arrangements for the leave period.
  • Discuss/agreed Keeping in Touch (KIT) days and Shared Parental leave in Touch (SPLIT) days 

For academic/research staff

  • Where the staff member is externally funded, check the terms and conditions of the funder.
  • Discuss how day-to-day supervision of PhD students will be managed.Discuss who will assume interim responsibility for supervising technicians or researchers on externally funded projects.
  • Inform the grant funding body of interim arrangements.
  • If member of staff is still on probation confirm that probationary period can be extended by one year to ensure they are not disadvantaged by being on adoption leave.

During the adoption leave

  • Finalise arrangements for any agreed KIT days and arrange payment for these as they occur.
  • Keep in contact with staff member during the leave as agreed.
  • Notify staff member of the annual promotion round (if these fall during the adoption leave period).
  • Communicate that any request to work flexibly should be submitted in good time so it can be carefully considered. Advise that any request for Shared Parental Leave needs to be notified at least 8 weeks in advance.
  • Agree how any accrued annual leave will be taken.

On return from adoption leave

  • Arrange re-orientation back into workplace which may include: introductions to new members of staff, information on new-revised policies or changes that have occurred during the leave period.
  • Consider workload issues during settling in period and beyond.
  • Discuss and agree workload allocation and any changes in emphasis to the role.
  • Follow up on any agreed change in hours/inform HR/Payroll.
  • Consider development activities and support to minimise disruption to career as a result of the break.

For academic/research staff

  • Consider the workload model and agree the balance of research, administration, teaching, and, where appropriate clinical duties and priorities.
  • Provide relevant encouragement and support in relation to the academic promotions round.

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