Salary Review Process for Senior Staff 2022

Guidance and supporting documents for staff in relation to the Salary Review Process for Professorial and Grade 10 staff.

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The Senior Staff salary review process for Professorial and Grade 10 staff is now open. It is recognised that the University continues to operate in the context of significant financial challenges, however the University has decided to proceed with the review again this year, to reward cases of exceptional performance. 

If you feel this applies to you and you wish to have a review of your salary this year, please read the policy and procedure and ensure that your application is submitted to your Dean or Director by 21st October 2022.

It should be noted that to be considered for a salary review, you must have completed the mandatory Equality, Diversity and Inclusion online training and the online Information and Security Awareness Training (ISAT).

Timetable for salary review process for senior staff 2022 (professorial and grade 10)



Friday 21 October

Closing date for applications



Tuesday 8 November

Meeting of Professional Services Review Group, chaired by University Secretary, to consider all Professional Services cases.  Recommendations go forward to UEG.

Wednesday 9 November

Meeting of Deans’ Group, chaired by the Senior Vice-Principal to consider all Professorial cases. Recommendations go forward to UEG.

Wednesday 23 November

UEG meet to review all proposals from Deans’ and Professional Services Groups and review the Deans.  Decisions from UEG go forward to Remuneration Committee.



Tuesday 6 December

Remuneration Committee Meeting to receive UEG decisions and review members of UEG.

Guidance and supporting documents