Sports Union Alumni Fund

Sports Union Alumni Fund

Many of the University of Dundee Alumni agree that their best University experiences stemmed from their participation in University Sport. The Sports Union Alumni Fundis a new initiative which has been founded by former and current students to enhance the sporting opportunities available at the University of Dundee.

The Fund aims to help Sports Clubs secure the best equipment in order to improve their performance. Above all the fund has been established to encourage participation and enhance the experience for our University Sports Clubs.

Sports Clubs play an important role in developing sporting ability, fitness, building social networks, team building and enhancing the student community. Sport has also been proven to reduce isolation and improve mental health and wellbeing.

We are proud of our University and of our Sport Teams and are delighted that our alumni are able to support their development. Your gift will make a wonderful difference to our students sporting experience.

Sports Union Alumni Fund Champions

We are calling on our Alumni to support the establishment of a Sports Union Alumni Fund by becoming a Champion and make a donation to the Fund. Your support will contribute to the development of Sports Club activities at the University of Dundee.

By making a gift to the Fund you will develop and enhance Club Sports activity and enable Clubs to purchase essential equipment.

You may choose to donate to the general fund and support a number of sports clubs. However, if you have an affiliation to a specific sports club you may wish to support them directly.

To ensure innovation in sport is supported across The University of Dundee 10% of all donations will be held in the general fund.

Become a Sports Union Alumni Fund Champion!

Donations can be spread by monthly or quarterly Direct Debit

Alternatively you can support the Fund by making a donation of any amount, either by Direct Debit or a one off payment.

To find out more or to support the Sports Union Alumni Fund contact:

t: 01382 386761


To keep up to date with The University of Dundee Sports Union visit:

“The most rewarding part of my time at the University of Dundee, was my involvement with the Canoe Club. Over a period of four years I developed my skills and grew as leader both on the river and as part of the club. This ultimately led to my election as Sport Union President in 2012. The skills I developed through sport still benefit me today as a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. I hope that the development of the Sports Union Alumni Fund will mean others can enjoy the same experiences that I did.”

Lt Andy Smart

RN Sports Union President 2012


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