What is Online Summer School?

Online Summer School is an alternative route for eligible students to earn an undergraduate place at the University of Dundee. It involves:

  • preparing for University level study by completing a university skills module (Academic Skills online module), equipping you for university and beyond;
  • successfully completing one or two introductory subject modules*;
  • getting lots of advice from a dedicated team of experts to help you along every step of the way. Each student is assigned their own online Personal Tutor to work with them throughout the course. Students who have completed the course the previous year (Student Mentors) are also constantly on hand to help students find what they need and ensure they progress well;

*Your UCAS offer from us will indicate how many modules you need to complete, along with any which may be compulsory.

Why should I consider Online Summer School?

  • For some applicants Online Summer School is a compulsory condition of their UCAS offer.  If your UCAS offer states ‘complete and pass’ then you must participate in Online Summer School to gain your university place in September.
  • Online Summer School will give you the best possible preparation for being a University of Dundee student.   You will have access to modules, academics and resources that will enhance your learning and facilitate the transition to 1st Year.
  • By reserving the months of June and July to study with us, you will earn a head start on other students.
  • If you complete and pass Online Summer School to the required standard* you will gain your place in September, Online Summer School qualifying you for 1st year entry.

*Some applicants may have additional conditions attached to their online summer school offer.

Is the course full time, all day?

No, you can learn in your own time.  The course takes 6½ weeks to complete running in June and July and is done completely online at times between the start and end dates that suits you.  This can be done at home that provides reliable broadband access.  Online Summer School students will complete the Academic Skills Online module before undertaking their subject module(s).

What next?

To book your place today or if you would like us to contact you to discuss in more detail, complete the form below. You will receive an automatic email reply confirming the information you have supplied and we will contact you to discuss Online Summer School.

Key 2020 dates:

  • Induction and Online module start date: Wednesday 3 June 2020
  • Online subject module dates: Monday 22 June 2020 - Friday 17 July 2020 inclusive
  • Graduation Day: Friday 24 July 2020

The 2020 course has now started. A form for registering interest for the 2021 course will be released later this year.