Access Summer School may form part of our UCAS offer to you. All candidates wishing to be considered for Access Summer School must therefore apply to their chosen degree area(s) at Dundee via UCAScandidates cannot apply directly to Access Summer School, as unless you receive a degree offer from us via UCAS you would not have a degree place to go to after Access Summer School.

The course is FREE of charge. All eligible Access Summer School students are awarded a bursary of up to £60 per week for the duration of the course. FREE self-catering accommodation is also available for those applying from more than 40 miles away from the University.

With a reputation as one of the best Access Summer Schools in Europe, Access Summer School offers eligible candidates the change to prepare and qualify for entry to the University of Dundee.  Course takes place in the first week in June to late July inclusive – candidates must reserve these dates.  This course includes evening and weekend self-study and as demand for places is so strong, candidates should also explore other options.

Might I be eligible for the Access Summer School?

Regardless of your age, if you fall short of university entry requirements for a good reason but have been involved in academic study within the last five years, our Access Summer School may be able to help you.  Once you have applied to your chosen degree via UCAS, we will get in touch if you are eligible.  

Oliver had recently left a job. Kieran was worried that his school results might not be good enough to get him into a degree. Both had had a difficult time, so they both decided to accept our offer and try Access Summer School at the same time - together - after all, they are father and son. "I thought it would be a help for us both to have someone else doing the same thing and supporting each other" said Oliver on completing the course. "We haven't had a summer holiday but it has been worth it because now we both have a place at university."

What if I don't have the grades to get into university?

We recognise that, sometimes, circumstances can lead to students under-performing at school or college. Your past performance may have been limited by factors out with your control.  We are aware that you may not have been able to translate your full potential into qualifications and that this may make entry to a top university very difficult. This is where Access Summer School may be able to help.

How can Access Summer School help me enter the University of Dundee?

The Access Summer School is an alternative route for eligible students to earn an undergraduate place at the University of Dundee.

It involves:

  • preparing for study by completing a Personal Academic Skills course, equipping you for university and beyond
  • successfully completing 3 taught introductory subject modules through daily milestones
  • getting lots of advice from a dedicated team of experts to help you along every step of the way. Each student is assigned their own Student Mentor to work with throughout the course - these are students who have completed the course the previous year.
  • gaining experience of student life and our extensive student facilities (including IT suites, Library and the Students' Union)
  • having great fun - just ask anyone who has tried it!

Is there a catch?

No! The course is FREE and a small bursary may be available.

Over 2,000 students have already successfully used the Access Summer School to get a university place with most going on to earn a degree. Please ensure you can attend the whole course, which runs between early June and late July each year - you should reserve these months in your diary if you apply.

I am an international student - can I apply?

Non-EU students are considered for Access Summer School. Preference will be given to those meeting disadvantage criteria. However, a fee applies for non-EU students. Contact us for details.

What subjects are available?

You will complete a "personal academic skills" course, and study three of the following subjects (your choices are discussed with you before you start):

Why should I choose to study at the University of Dundee?

As well as having some of the best academic departments in the country, we also boast:

  • We have been voted Scottish university of the Year for two years in a row
  • excellence in research
  • most of our students take up jobs on graduating
  • it is a great place to study – ask any of our students.

Please see our main application pages for details.  Candidates must apply via UCAS by the deadline relating to their degree area of interest – for most degrees, this deadline is mid-January but it can be October.

What do former students say?

"Best summer of my life!"

"Brilliant preparation for study - so useful now I have made it into First Year"

"It's been good having my dad here (studying on Access Summer School) as well and studying together"

"Graduation day has been great. I have a degree and a bright future! But Access Summer School is where it all started and I will never forget that."


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