All applicants receiving an offer of admission will have an opportunity of visiting the university before replying to their offers.

We will send you an email invitation to our Post-Application Visits. Pre-booking, as instructed on the invitation, is essential (please note, this does not apply to courses conducting interviews as part of the selection process).

These Applicant Day visits, taking place between February and April, differ from our pre-application Open Days and go into greater detail about the course and aspects of student life you can look forward to in Dundee.

An integrated parents/guardians programme is also included in many of the visits. You will not be exposed to an ‘interview’ type session at these visits – this is your opportunity to ‘grill’ us! We also have some visits on Saturdays to give parents the chance to come too.

If you are unable to visit on any of the organised Applicant Days, individual visits are also available.

Apply and Visit

You'll get a real sense of everything that the University of Dundee has to offer.

Undergraduate Applicant Visit Days