• For Entry: September
  • Duration: 4 years
  • School: Business
  • Study Abroad: Yes
  • Study Mode: Full Time

We prepare graduates for careers both locally and internationally. Dundee offers full accreditation from ICAS, ACCA, AIA and Chartered Accountants Ireland.

With a BAcc degree you’ll have the qualification and expertise to begin your career in accountancy. As the accounting and financial reporting world becomes more globalized we concentrate on the developing international standards adopted by the key trading blocks.

You’ll discover the power and limitations of accountancy as a tool in society and the financial techniques you’ll need to help society function.

Dundee has close links with the accountancy profession. You’ll benefit from the experience of practicing accountants and understand their contemporary challenges through their insights and guest lectures.

A number of students opt to undertake an internship with an accountancy firm during their vacation, combining their study with work experience.  The degree also provides the opportunity to study overseas at one of our partner institutions in Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA.

We are focused on providing a stimulating, supportive, friendly and well-organised environment for students. This commitment was recognised by our rating of ‘Excellent’ by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council. All accountancy staff, including professors, are active as teachers and researchers. You’ll be learning from a team who routinely push back the boundaries of knowledge in their subject area.

The BAcc degree also provides exemption from some of the following bodies’ professional examinations:

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW)
  • The Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA)

The following are the minimum, up-to-date entry requirements.

Courses starting 2017
Qualification Level 1 Entry Advanced Entry to Level 2
SQA Higher/Advanced Higher BBBC (minimum) - ABBB (typical) at Higher plus English and mathematics (Standard Grade at 2 or National 5/Intermediate2 at C) BBB including mathematics, economics and accounting at Advanced Higher, plus English (Standard Grade at 2 or National 5/Intermediate2 at C)
GCE A-Level BCC (minimum) - BBB (typical) at A-Level, plus GCSE English and mathematics at B BBB including mathematics, economics and accounting plus GCSE English at B
Irish Leaving Certificate (ILC) ABBB at Higher Level, plus Ordinary Level English and mathematics at B Level 2 entry is not possible with this qualification
International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma 30 points including 5, 5, 5 at Higher Level, plus Standard Level English and mathematics at grade 5.
A combination of IB Certificate plus other qualifications, such as A-Levels, Advanced Placement Tests or the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP), will also be considered.
30 points including mathematics, economics and accountancy at Higher Level grades 5, 5, 5, plus Standard Level English at grade 5
Graduate Entry
BTEC A relevant BTEC Extended Diploma with DDM A relevant HND with Merits in appropriate modules
SQA Higher National (HNC/HND) A relevant HNC with B in the Graded Unit A relevant HND with BB in the Graded Units
Scottish Baccalaureate Pass with CC at Advanced Higher Level 2 entry is not possible with this qualification
SWAP Access
Advanced Diploma Grade B with ASL-A Level at B Level 2 entry is not possible with this qualification
Welsh Baccalaureate Pass with A-Levels at BB Level 2 entry is not possible with this qualification
European Baccalaureate 70% overall 75% overall
Other Qualifications

 EU and International qualifications

English Language Requirement

For non EU students

IELTS Overall 6.0
Listening 5.5
Reading 5.5
Writing 6.0
Speaking 5.5

 Equivalent grades from other test providers


English Language Programmes

We offer Pre-Sessional and Foundation Programme(s) throughout the year. These are designed to prepare you for university study in the UK when you have not yet met the language requirements for direct entry onto a degree programme.

 Discover our English Language Programmes

Your degree will include a good grounding in professional knowledge and skills as well as exposure to many of the latest developments in accounting research to which our staff make a major contribution.

How you will be taught

Our degrees are taught using a variety of methods including: lectures; seminars; workshops; tutorials; projects and hands-on computer labs.

How you will be assessed

Assessment is by a mixture of coursework (eg essays); computer labs; projects based on group assignments and exams.

The weightings allocated to coursework and the final exam vary from module to module. Typically 80% is allocated to the final exam but this is less in some modules and higher in others.

What you will study

An honours degree normally takes four years, full time. You study levels 1-4, as described below. If you choose to study a degree without honours, you study for three years, levels 1-3.

Advanced entry

You can study for this degree in three years if you have the required grades and subjects as listed in the Entry Requirements section. You study levels 2-4 below. This route allows you to reduce study time by one year and to start working and earning earlier.

Course content

Level 1 These modules give you an insight into the business world in which accounting operates.  Core skills are developed to equip your interaction with commercial enterprises and society beyond business.

Level 2 The concepts of earlier modules will be more fully developed.  At this stage you’ll be encouraged to do your own critical thinking, essential in gaining a good Honours degree classification.  This is also the year in which you’ll have the opportunity of travelling overseas to study with one of our partner institutions. 

Level 3 Level three comprises the junior Honours subjects.  In the first three years of the BAcc degree all students undertake the same modules. Those who have elected to study a language will begin these studies in this year.

Level 4 At this stage you can choose from a range of senior Honours modules.  By now you’ll be able to recognise your strengths and tailor your final year to best suit your specific interests in line with your career ambitions.

Level 1 - All core modules

Semester 1

  • Introductory Financial Accounting (BU11001)
  • International Business Environment (BU11002)
  • Business Management and Information Systems (BU11003)

Semester 2

  • Introductory Management Accounting (BU12001)
  • Statistics and Probability (MA12003)
  • Foundations of Economic Analysis (Accountancy & Finance) (BU12005)

Level 2 - All core modules

Semester 1

  • Financial Decision Analysis (BU21001)
  • Intermediate Financial Accounting (BU21002)
  • Management Concepts in Context (BU21003)

Semester 2        

  • Intermediate Management Accounting (BU22002)
  • Intermediate Financial Management (BU22003)
  • Business Law (BU22001)

Level 3 - Honours core modules

  • Advanced Financial Accounting (BU30001)
  • Advanced Financial Management (BU30002)
  • Advanced Management Accounting (BU30003)
  • Auditing (BU30004)
  • Taxation (BU30005)
  • Financial Reporting Theory (BU30006)

Students who are interested in the BAcc (Honours) Degree with the Languages specialism, may substitute a language (French, Spanish or German) for either the Financial Reporting Theory (BU30006) or Taxation (BU30005) modules.  This specialism implies that one of the fourth year modules must also be a language.

Level 4 - Honours core module

  •  Accountancy specialism – Financial Assurance and International Reporting (BU40007)

Plus five optional modules

Finance specialism – core module

  • Financial Management Theory (BU40002)

Plus at least two of:

  • International Capital Markets (BU30007)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (BU40003)
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (BU40004)

Plus three optional modules

Languages specialism – core module

Practical French/Practical German/Practical Spanish

Plus five optional modules

Optional Modules

  • International Capital Markets (BU30007)
  • Business Strategy and Policy (BU30009)
  • Examining Business Information Systems (BU30011)
  • Social Responsibility (BU40001)
  • Financial Management Theory (BU40002)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (BU40003)
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (BU40004)
  • Dissertation - 4DN (BU40005)
  • Fiscal Studies (BU40006)
  • Financial Assurance & International Reporting (BU40007)
  • The Business of Human Rights (BU40013)
  • Understanding and Managing Organisational Space (BU40014)
  • Practical French/Practical German/Practical Spanish

The BAcc offers accreditation from the professional accounting bodies in the UK and Ireland.  This makes our graduates highly employable and attractive to accounting firms offering training contracts.  While many BAcc graduates choose to move directly into accounting some of our alumni have followed different career paths.  These include banking, fund management, financial management and many others.

You’ll be able to make use of the University's careers service to help you to prepare for your next career step.

The fees you pay will depend on your fee status. Your fee status is determined by us using the information you provide on your application.

 Find out more about fee status

Fees for students starting 2017/18

Fee categoryFees for students starting 2017/18
Scottish and EU students £1,820 per year of study (for Sept 2016 entry). Fees for September 2017 will be confirmed by the Scottish Government in early 2017.
Rest of UK students £9,250 per year, for a maximum of 3 years, even if you are studying a four year degree. See our scholarships for rest of UK applicants.
Overseas students (non-EU) £14,950 per year of study. See our scholarships for international applicants.

Scottish and EU students can apply to the Students Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS) to have tuition fees paid by the Scottish Government.

Rest of the UK students can apply for financial assistance, including a loan to cover the full cost of the tuition fees, from the Student Loans Company.

Tuition fees for Overseas (non-EU) students are guaranteed for the length of your course. This means that the tuition fee you pay in your first year (shown above) is the same fee you will pay for each year of your course. We guarantee that this will not increase while you are studying with us. The only exceptions to this are our MBChB Medicine, BSc Medical Sciences and BDS Dentistry degrees which charge a different tuition for the clinical years.

Unistats data set (formerly the Key Information Set (KIS) Unistats data set - formerly the Key Information Set (KIS)

  Degree UCAS Code Unistats Data
Apply NowAccountancy BAccN400
Apply NowAccountancy (without Honours) BAccN410
Apply NowAccountancy and Mathematics BScGN14
Apply NowAccountancy with Business Finance BAccN400 (ABF)
Apply NowAccountancy with French BAccN400 (AL)
Apply NowAccountancy with German BAccN400 (AL)
Apply NowAccountancy with Spanish BAccN400 (AL)