• For Entry: September (full course)
  • Duration: 26 weeks
  • School: Humanities

Learn how to communicate with other British Sign Language users and follow simple conversations, studying in evening classes for a full 26 week course.

British Sign Language (BSL) enables D/deaf people full access to a language that is their own, that they create and that reflects their experience of living in an intensely visual world. It gives rise to a full and rich culture like BSL poetry and even sign-song – singing in sign language using visual beauty in movement as an art form.

On this course you will easily learn how to hold or follow a general conversation, and understand and make requests in BSL. Through role-playing, tutorials, and practice conversations you will be introduced to the language function and grammar such as placement, use of verbs & phrases, non-manual features, sign order, handshapes, direction, orientation, signing space and fluency.

Languages for All at Dundee

This course is part of the Languages for All (LfA) programme at Dundee, offering everyone the opportunity to study a language, whether for personal or professional reasons.  Classes are taught in the evening and you can choose from a wide range of languages, many of which are available at different levels.

Visit the Languages website for the full list of languages available.

University of Dundee Students

If you are a student at the University of Dundee, you can also join a LfA course either as part of your undergraduate degree for no cost (accredited modules only and subject to degree regulations), or in addition to your main degree at reduced student rates (no cost for taught postgraduates enhancing their language skills in relation to their studies).

Study Options

26 weeks accredited or non-accredited study

You can study for two semesters (26 weeks) on an accredited basis where you complete formal assessments and gain 20 credits (SCQF level 7), or on a non-accredited basis where you will obtain a certificate of attendance and completion, subject to a minimum of 75% attendance. 

Accredited classes are eligible for a Part-Time Free grant from SAAS and ILA funding, depending on your circumstances.


Year Long Courses

Beginners - Stage 1 - from September


6.00 - 8.00 pm

Related Courses

The full course lasts for 26 weeks, starting in September, with three 4-hour Saturday workshops.

You will be equipped with useful skills so that you can communicate with other British Sign Language (BSL) users.  You will be introduced to the language function and grammar of BSL such as placement, use of verbs & phrases, non-manual features, sign order, handshapes, direction, orientation, signing space and fluency.        

Topics will include:

  • people & personal information
  • issues & events
  • descriptions using numbers
  • using the calendar
  • expressing attitudes, opinions, likes and dislikes
  • describing day-to-day activities of self and others
  • food and drink
  • asking for and giving simple directions.

The course is taught using face-to-face contact with the class tutor, including group and pair work supported by self-study, using a variety of learning methods including:

  • conversations
  • role-playing
  • tutorials
  • DVD work

Assessment is by coursework, including:

  • A receptive skills assessment
  • Two-part role-play with the teacher
  • Pre-arranged conversation with the teacher demonstrating productive and receptive skills

There are no entry requirements or level testing for this course.

Fees for courses starting in the academic year 2019/20

Module Fee - £303 (no concessions available)

* Students taking 20 credits in Languages for All as part of their degrees/pathways do not have to pay LfA fees in addition to their main tuition fees.

Part-Time Fee Grant

A Part-time Fee Grant is available if your personal income is £25,000 or less a year or you are in receipt of certain benefits. This Grant only applies to modules that are credit bearing (accredited languages modules – 20 credits) where the student completes a minimum of 30 credits in the academic year. This means choosing the continuous assessments option over both semesters in one academic year. Further information and an application form can be found at:


The only way to enrol in a Language for All course at Dundee is:


Online via the University's secure online store www.buyat.dundee.ac.uk from July.

It is advisable to enrol early to avoid disappointment.  Only receipt of payment guarantees a place on the course.


Students will be emailed to set up their virtual learning account called MyDundee. Upon completion of the matriculation task (all details will be emailed) students will have access to course materials, updates and the University of Dundee library. A University of Dundee student card can also be issued once a photo is sent to the Enquiry Centre.


Cancellations & Refunds

We reserve the right to cancel classes when enrolments are insufficient.

Where more than one class is offered in the same language at the same level, we reserve the right to merge classes if numbers fall short of the minimum requirements.

We have a strict no refund policy.

A refund will only be possible if the course has been over-subscribed, is cancelled or the date of withdrawal from the course precedes the start date of the course. 

Refunds will also be made if withdrawn on medical grounds. All claims for refunds must be made in writing to the School of Humanities and supported by medical evidence. 

An administration charge of £10 will apply if conditions are not met.