• For Entry: January
  • Duration: 24 months
  • School: Dentistry
  • Study Mode: Full Time

Learn advanced restorative techniques and gain expertise in implant and non-surgical treatments at one of the UK's top Dental Schools.

TEF Gold - Teaching Excellence Framework

We are currently not taking applications for January 2019 on this course.


On completing this 2-year programme in Cairo, run by the University of Dundee in Egypt, you will learn skills in order to carry out operative dentistry, endodontics, periodontology and prosthodontic treatment. You will also gain an appreciation of implant treatment and the use of non-surgical facial aesthetic treatment.

MSc Restorative Dentistry

The course is aimed at qualified dentists in the Middle East who wish to specialise in Restorative Dentistry.

You will be part of an international course in restorative dental care which runs over 2 years. University of Dundee staff are responsible for your training, and are major contributors. You will be closely supported by tutors from ASCDE. When you graduate, you will be awarded an MSc from the University of Dundee in Cairo.

Both your supervised care of patients and class-room discussions will be carried out at the ASCDE facilities in Cairo.  When the Programme Lead is not in Cairo, you will have weekly access to tutors in Dundee via skype™.  You will also have full access to all the off-campus University of Dundee services including Library and Learning Resources (ca. 200 dental journals alone).

This course will comprise 8 Modules. The two largest modules require you to carry out 1) the preparatory and supportive aspects and 2) reconstructive phases of restorative dental care. This treatment will be underpinned by discussions in the classroom about delivering such treatment. You will carry out these clinical activities, supported by clinical staff, for the equivalent of one third of each week.

Other modules that are important in order for you to become a more competent dentist, will explore 1) you as a leader and manager, 2) you as an effective communicator and 3) you as a professional. You will also be required to submit a dissertation. In this, you will be invited to examine the evidence-base for carrying out a particular restorative dental care procedure and learn to apply these principles to carry out a systematic/narrative review.

You will be studying several modules at any one time. Dentistry requires a mix of all these skills but the Programme has been designed to prevent excessive workload. You will be fully supported. Come and join us on this exciting course.

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

The University of Dundee has been given a Gold award – the highest possible rating – in the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

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TEF Gold - Teaching Excellence Framework

How you will be taught

Appropriate care of patients does not only require knowledge and applying such knowledge, but other skills and in addition, the dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity. You will become a problem-solver.

In the classroom, you will be asked to explore themes on seemingly unrelated dental areas; you will seek links between these and propose ways that patient care can be advanced. You will use 'theatre' to explore your skills in leadership, communication and professionalism.

With respect to your clinical care of patients, only following demonstration of competency, will you be allowed to treat patients under supervision. Learning/patient care (log) books will be used to show that you have met clinical milestones. These log books will be structured in such a way it will encourage you to reflect particularly on your reasons for treatment and also your treatment.

Although you will be encouraged to set your own learning agenda, be assured that each of you will be helped and supported by the Programme Lead and other tutors.



How you will be assessed

Central to this programme is assessment; how your tutors will assess you but also how you will assess yourself.

Assessment must confirm you have met standard but also shape and improve your care of patients.

You will be assessed using a range of different methods which will include:

  • short and long clinical case presentations
  • a reflective log
  • written assignments for each module
  • a 3,500 word dissertation

(The Programme Handbook details these assessments and their weighting. These assessments and their scheduling have been designed carefully to minimise overload.)

What you will study

60 credits

This Module will provide you with opportunities to discuss and embed principles and seek commonality between the preparatory aspect of restorative dental care and the supportive phase. It will affirm that the sub-disciplines that comprise restorative dental care (prosthodontics, operative dentistry and endodontics) cannot be carried out separately, but are linked. In turn these are coupled with leadership and management, communication skills and professionalism. All these skills should be discharged under the umbrella of societal needs.

10 credits

This module aims to develop in you a critical understanding that research, the evidence-base and reflection embracing self-directed learning, is at the heart of professional competence.

10 credits

This module will offer you opportunities to discuss and embed principles and skills to practise clinical governance and clinical audit. In addition, to affirm that central to clinical audit, is shaping change based on information gathered and that societal oral health need requires upstream approaches driven by potential leaders in and for dentistry.

50 credits

At the completion of this Module, those who have met the standards will have the knowledgeability and skills to practise a substantial component of the reconstructive phase of restorative dental care including laboratory-fabricated restorations and prosthetic rehabilitation.

10 credits

The focus for this Module is the enhancement of and application of communication skills; downstream when delivering restorative dental care for an individual, and an appreciation of upstream communication models in order to deliver, but also to challenge and shape dental health strategies.

The aim of this module is to challenge you with some ethical tenets, focussing on a western ethical perspective but other philosophies will be touched on. For example, Indra's net, developed from the Mahayanna school, will be explored from the perspective of a communitarian approach to seeking consent, and some Islamic medical ethics.

10 credits

An appreciation of some of the external and person-centred characteristics that influence oral-facial beauty/attractiveness. There will also be a component inviting each of you to engage in one of three subject areas: 1) non-surgical facial aesthetics, 2) orthodontic/restorative interfaces and 3) intercultural perception of oral facial beauty.

20 credits

Counterintuitively, uncertainty and ambiguity form the foundation for this module. You will build on some of the skills explored in in the early modules such that you will have a sound appreciation, 1) that effective dental care is underpinned by an evidence-based approach, 2) of the tools required to carry out a systematic review, 3) apply some of these in carrying out a systematic/narrative review. This module will form a foundation for life-long learning

This programme, delivered in Cairo, has as one of its key aims to make available to you a University of Dundee degree programme that for many different reasons you may not be able to access if delivered on campus in Dundee.

This degree programme will offer you good job prospects.

A BDS of equivalent degree

 EU and International qualifications

English Language Requirement

IELTS Overall 6.5
Listening 5.5
Reading 5.5
Writing 6.0
Speaking 6.0

 Equivalent grades from other test providers


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We are currently not taking applications for January 2019 on this course.

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We are currently not taking applications for January 2019 on this course.

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