Major Selasie Atuwo - dual qualifying LLM graduate from Ghana

Published on 18 February 2021

Selasie Atuwo, from Ghana, graduated from the University of Dundee in 2011 with an LLM International Commercial Law

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After graduation, Major Selasie Atuwo completed the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), which he was pursuing on a part-time basis alongside the dual LLM.

Following successful completion of the BPTC, Selasie was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2013 after which he returned to the Ghana Army and later studied for the Post-Call Law Course at the Ghana Law School, leading to him being called to the Ghana Bar in 2015.

“The University of Dundee Dual LLM degrees have equipped me with the needed academic foundation and international exposure for my subsequent teaching and legal practice. The strong legal foundations in common law and civil law traditions have been useful in comparative legal analyses for purposes of lecturing and practice.”

Major Selasie Atuwo, LLM

Selasie retired from the Army in 2018 and currently works as an investigator for a mining company and conducts consultancy services for a law firm where he provides expert advice on commercial and technology law matters.

We asked him more about studying a postgraduate LLM programme at the University of Dundee.

Why Dundee Law School?

"I found out that The University of Dundee Law School was ranked among the top 10 law schools in the UK and that the Dual LLM with Universite de Cergy Pontoise would provide value for money. I liked the additional opportunity to study for another LLM degree in a French University. This opportunity has offered me the advantage of experiencing the teaching and practice of law in both common law and civil law jurisdiction. This experience would, later on, enrich my research and teaching of the law."

Studying in Dundee

“My period of studying at the University of Dundee was exciting and fulfilling. Exciting because of the international academic exposure and fulfilling because, beyond the academic achievement, I made many friends from various parts of the world, some of whom I'm still in touch with.”

“The best things were the well-resourced libraries close to lecture halls, conducive learning environment, supportive administrative staff and lecturers. One of my favourite memories was my day of arrival and meeting Professor Peter McEleavy. Peter welcomed me with so much warmth and within seconds, we were chatting like friends.”

The city of Dundee

“In my view, the best things about the city of Dundee are the small size of the city, with easily accessible amenities, shopping centres and train station.”

“I would recommend the University of Dundee to prospective international students because of the readily available academic and administrative support, excellent library services and the international-friendly atmosphere that the school offers. ”

Major Selasie Atuwo, LLM

International Commercial Law (Dual Qualifying - CY Cergy Paris University) LLM

This programme will further your international legal career by studying commercial modules in both Scotland and France, with the opportunity to gain two masters degrees. Obtaining a dual qualifying LLM can be the start of many interesting careers like Selasie.

All of our LLM courses are highly flexible. If you study our LLM Law (General), you can choose from across our full portfolio of modules to make your own bespoke Masters.

You could also study for a specialist LLM where you can make this choice, or change specialisms after you start. As well as concentrating on areas such as commercial, environmental or human rights law, some allow for multidisciplinary study (International Law & Security, and Law, Banking & Finance).



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