The School of Business Hosted Prestigious Ronald Coase Lecture by Professor Werner De Bondt

Published on 17 June 2024

The University of Dundee, School of Business had the honour of hosting the Ronald Coase Lecture last week, and it was delivered by the esteemed Professor Werner De Bondt (DePaul University, Chicago, US), a pioneering figure in behavioural finance.

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This lecture, named in honour of Nobel laureate in Economics Ronald Coase, is a highlight of the university's academic calendar, drawing attention to cutting-edge developments in economic thought.

Professor De Bondt captivated the audience with his profound insights on financial decision-making, financial wellness, and financial literacy. His lecture illuminated the psychological factors that influence these areas, offering a deeper understanding of how investors and markets operate. His engaging delivery and expertise provided attendees with valuable knowledge on the complexities of behavioural finance.

Professor Morris Altman, Dean of the School of Business and host of the Ronald Coase Lecture, expressed the university’s appreciation: “We are thrilled to host Professor De Bondt for the Ronald Coase Lecture. His insights into the psychology of investors and market behaviour are invaluable.” Professor Altman's comments underscored the significance of De Bondt's contributions to the field and the lecture’s impact on the university community.

Thank you, Professor De Bondt, for an enlightening and thought-provoking lecture!