New insights into the action of CDK1 uncovered by Ly lab

Published on 16 March 2023

New work from the University of Dundee reveals new insights into the action of CDK1, a kinase that plays important and essential roles in cell proliferation. This work has been published in the journal Cell Reports.

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From left: Aymen al-Rawi, Tony Ly and Edward Kaye

Dr Tony Ly, Principal Investigator in the Division of Molecular Cell and Development Biology in the School of Life Sciences said, “Kinases are druggable targets involved in many human diseases. Here, we show that CDK1, a kinase important for cell proliferation, can undergo a regulated switch in the sequences it targets. This discovery was enabled by mass spectrometry-based analysis, which identifies the proteins and specific sequences within them that a kinase targets.”

“Uncovering this new knowledge contributes to our understanding of cell proliferation, which is frequently dysregulated in human cancer.”

This work was undertaken in collaboration with scientists at Newcastle University.

The Ly research group recently received BBSRC funding to continue the work and to investigate the functions of these atypical targets of CDK1 in proliferation.

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