Bringing science to the community

Published on 3 May 2021

The Science@Home initiative developed by Dundee Science Centre, the School of Science and Engineering, and Dundee and Angus College aims to break down barriers to learning

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Students at the School of Science and Engineering are always looking to find the answers to the biggest problems facing the world today, and have been developing activities which help our youngest learners find out more about science and problem solving.

So far, hundreds of hands-on science kits have been sent directly to communities that may have missed out during the pandemic.

Shannon McGrath, a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student, worked as part of a group to develop activities which explore gravity, and stability and their affects our planet and solar system.

“As part of our chosen theme, we designed a kit to make a paper aeroplane. The experiment was to fly the plane locating paper clips at different points of the plane and noting the difference in how well the plane flies,” said Shannon.

“I thought the whole project was a great idea and I wanted to get involved straight away! It was very rewarding, and it was something I was able to complete alongside my studies”

Shannon McGrath

The practical kits have been adapted from the modules of the School of Science and Engineering’s undergraduate curriculum and have been designed for those without broadband or digital devices.

“It has been an absolute privilege for us to be involved in this fantastic initiative,” said Dr Margi Vilnay who organised the initiative with Dundee Science Centre.

“Our staff and students who volunteered for this project were very keen to create fun STEM activities while taking care to advise on the scientific principles behind them.”

“This type of experiential learning is a natural complement to a child’s curiosity and encourages more young people to think about pursuing a rewarding career in STEM.”

“We hope the families who received the boxes enjoyed them and learned something new. We are looking forward to contributing further in the future and bringing the fascinating subjects of STEM to the next generation.”