Book success in China for PhD student

Published on 26 March 2021

Education student Jing Chen has combined her PhD research with her practical experience in China and focussed it into a new book on children’s emotional intelligence

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Jing is currently undertaking a PhD in Education at the University of Dundee’s School of Education and Social Work. Her book, which focuses on the development of children’s emotional intelligence (EQ), applies her PhD research with the aim of equipping parents and pre-school education workers who are interested in EQ.

The book also draws on her experience in the education sector in China. “My work in China is about the curriculum development and training of children's EQ”, she said, “and the co-author, Zhang Chunguang, is my project partner in China”. Jing worked in an education training centre in Beijing before coming to Dundee, working with over 2000 nurseries and training more than 5000 nursery school staff.

““Our lives have changed dramatically since March 2020. It has been an anxious time for me and I was uncertain about the future. So I decided to write at a fixed time every day to enhance my daily life.  The book was published in December 2020 and nearly 8,000 copies have been sold since publication. I now intend to publish an educational book for children in English”.”

Jing Chen

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Before embarking on a PhD, Jing completed an MEd in Leading Learning and Teaching. She explains her decision to choose Dundee to help her further her career in education.

“I had friend who was studying in Dundee and she gave me information on what the city and the School of Education and Social Work is like. Before I came here, I had an online meeting with my tutor who was friendly and guided me through the process of coming to Dundee”.

“As a PhD student, I can arrange my study, work and life flexibly. I enjoy using the sports facilities and attending exercise classes and I have got to know local people and experience the Scottish culture. If I had three words to describe the School it would be: "happy", "productive" and "friendly".

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