ISSF Dundee

The University of Dundee has outstanding Life Sciences Research that aims to deliver substantial progress in translation of basic and clinical research to address national and global health challenges.

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We aim to maintain and develop our reputation as a world-class academic institution through the quality of our research. Our Research strategic objectives are:

  • To support and promote outstanding Life Science Research.
  • To promote the translation of basic research in life sciences towards clinical use and environmental impact.
  • To build and develop new areas of interdisciplinary academic activity that deconstructs barriers between the physical, computational, biological and clinical science.
  • To invest in high-quality facilities, services and physical infrastructure.
  • To maintain the highest standards in the recruitment and development of all categories of staff.
  • To develop mutually beneficial partnerships with key funding agencies, industry and academic institutes in the UK and internationally.

The new ISSF award for 2016-2021 will help us to continue to advance our biomedical research strategy by underpinning a portfolio of activities:

  1. Recruitment and Career Development of Researchers
  2. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives
  3. Enhancing Research Infrastructure
  4. Interdisciplinary and Translational Research
  5. Public engagement

These include new initiatives to enhance our commitment to support the careers of women in STEM (in alignment with the Athena SWAN charter) and support for innovative ideas for public engagement. These activities will integrate and underpin the activities of our Wellcome funded researchers while strengthening cross-disciplinary collaborations within and outside the University.

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