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The Extractives Hub

The Extractives Hub (Hub) is a project funded by the UK Department for International Development (DfID) that is hosted since 2019 at CEPMLP

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Start date

January 2019

Completion date

March 2022

The Hub assists governments of developing countries to embrace the opportunities of the sustainable energy transition by enhancing governance of the oil, gas and mining sectors. The Hub’s services consist of applied research and capacity building in key governance issues such as policy, legal and contractual frameworks, regulatory institutions, fiscal design and revenue management, transparency and accountability. The objective is to boost economic and social development allowing resource-rich countries to eradicate poverty while contributing to tackle climate change. The technical assistance is demand-led and free-of-charge for governments that are in the list of DfID priority countries.

Implementation is coordinated with DfID country offices and is facilitated by a network of Hub national champions in a dozen of countries in Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and Central Asia. The Hub also relies on the CEPMLP as a leading authority in the extractives governance as well as in international trade and investment, with a global network of 6,000 alumni. The Hub and CEPMLP establish partnerships with strategic actors, such as UNFCCC, OPEC, International Energy Agency, International Energy Forum, International Energy Charter, International Bar Association, universities and research institutes in all continents.

In short, the Hub is a project of the UK government to deliver first class research and capacity building for the benefit of developing countries so they can better manage their extractive sectors at the time of the energy transition, contributing to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Project lead(s)

Professor Peter Cameron

Professor Peter Cameron

Director of Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy

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