Information about practice learning for pre-registration nursing students and their practice supervisor/assessors.

The standards for student supervision and assessment have changed

Student nurses and midwives will have a different supervision and assessment structure when they are in the practice learning environment.
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Becoming a patient guidance

Health Care Professional Students being admitted to Practice Learning Environments

Overarching principles NHS Tayside and NHS Fife provide extensive and varied opportunities for learning for Health Care Professional Students. As teaching organisations students will be part of care delivery to all patients. This guidance is for staff members in clinical areas that have a student admitted as a patient, and other students are in the same area on placement. As such there may be times when a student may require the supports of these services.

They will have the right to refuse to have other students participate directly in their care. Although these overarching principles provide guidance, you must consider each student’s admission or referral on an individual basis. All students have a responsibility to keep their University contact up to date with regards to all health related concerns and episodes of ill health that impact on their programme of learning.

Read the Health Care Professional Students as patients guidance.

For students and Practice Supervisor/Assessor

For everybody

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Professionalism reporting

The School of Health Sciences wants to hear from anyone who has a comment about pre-registration nursing student professionalism, whether positive or negative.

Raising Concerns

Any concern must be alerted to the student as soon as possible through constant feedback. Involvement of the PEF/CHEF as well as Academic assessor This document should be used in conjunction with the 'Flowchart for Raising Student Proficiency Concerns'.

Do you know of any accommodation that is near placements?

The School has some information about accommodation for placements that may require an overnight stay, but clearly we don't have everything. If you know of somewhere that has suitable accommodation for students near to one of our placement areas, please email us:

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